• Title
    Scrapbook of Sir John Simon's cases
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    Hard bound scrapbook including colour drawings of cases under the care of John Simon, including the following cases: Colour sketch of Canorum Oris at St. Thomas's Hospital in a female child (18 October 1852) Colour sketches of a vaccination effected by close longitudinal scratches on an arm (4 October 1860) Colour sketch of a case of scrofula at St. Thomas' Hospital (8 October 1852) Colour sketch of fungus growth from an opened bursa patella (27 May 1847) Pencil sketches of "fungous growth from bursa" and reparation of cornea (not dated) Pencil sketch of pus from a small abcess in a dog's thigh (not dated) Pencil sketch of a section from inflamed cancer and the same as treated by acetic acid (not dated) Pencil sketch of fibrinous plug from femoral artery about 6 weeks after ligature (not dated) Pencil sketch of product of inflammation (not dated) Other unidentified colour sketches (1846-1847)
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    1 volume
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    As described in the Scope and Content.
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    By written appointment only. See College website for contact details of the Archives.
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    No photocopying permitted
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