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    Buxton's Diary of the First World War - Volume B
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    1914-1918 (with additions made by Buxton c1970)
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    Extracts from St John Dudley Buxton's original diaries editied and indexed by Buxton himself. Buxton included the following note: 'Some records of historical interest and extracts from destroyed diaries. Most are personal, but the photos although of poor quality are representative of contemporary experience of a young doctor as a temporary officer in the [Royal Army Medical Corps] RAMC. Photographs taken in the [British Expeditionary Force] BEF and the [British Salonika Force] BSF 1914-1918.' The diary has been removed from its original ring folder but the original order has been maintained. The numbers below correspond to the diary's sections as organised by Buxton. 1. Newspaper clipping – 1 November 1918 ‘Bulgar Demobilization, soldiers pleased at their release’ 2. Brief typewritten notes on Buxton’s various posts during the war. Handwritten (?) card from King George and Queen Mary which was sent with a box of chocolate to those serving with the BEF, Christmas 1914. Card from Princess Mary to all troops in the BEF, Christmas 1914 Card showing the distinctive markings of aeroplanes in the field. Photos: Infantry disembarking at St Nazaire, Col. S F Clark, 3 group photos, 3 General Hospital, bus and train ambulances, surgical dressing room, large aneurysm in femoral artery of German [Prisoner of War] POW. 3. Typewritten notes on Buxton’s experiences with 3 General Hospital. Photos: Silhouette-style profiles of John Rose Bradford, George Makins, F F Burghard, Percy Sargent, Curtis Webb (radiologist), Maurice Sinclair, Col. Kiddle, Petrie, E K Martin, William Anderson, Rosser, Willis Bund, Sister Law (radiographer), Tate the QM. Boulogne tennis club on the ramparts. 7 Stat[ion] Hosp[ital.] XI. Drawings of pulley systems. 4. Typewritten notes on Buxton’s posting to the 27th Division, 82nd Field Ambulance. Photos: Group picture of the 27th Division, 82nd Field Ambulance, November 1915. Bullock wagons pulling carts laden with beer for the troops and fodder for the mules. Card: ‘A happy Christmas from the Balkans’. 5. Typewritten notes on the camp at Yerkaru and the funeral of Arthur Barker. Photos: Macedonia – Yerkaru 1916: Camps, mule loads, travois, inoculations, peasant shack, Arthur Barker’s grave at Salonika. 40 [Casualty Clearing Station] CCS: camp, buying melons, refugees from the Struma valley. 6. Typewritten notes on 40 CCS and the treatment of a head wound. Photos: Building the Seres Road, Colonel Pallant and Buxton on horseback, head wound mentioned in the text. 1917 40 CCS operating theatre in Struma valley 72 kilo from Salonika, mats over roof to cool, Col. Pallant, padre and sisters. 7. Typewritten notes on 40CCS at 72 kilo. A short article on the conditions of transport between Salonika and the Struma valley during the army occupation, 1916-1918. (Buxton has added the following note: ‘This reminiscence was written about 1965 but has never been published’). Photos: Travois, ambulance wagons, water cart, mule drawn vehicles on light railway. Orljak bridge over Struma, methods of transport, Red Cross sign for planes, moving camp, Charles O’Keeffe. 18 stat. hosp.: camp, theatre and dressing tent at Lahana – in the hills off Seres road, CO and Willie Manson, outside the hut Buxton built. A German serving certificate. Photo: 2 Bulgarian POWs Programme: 27th Divisional Horse Show and Fair, 23-25th July 1917. Programme: Bluebeard – A pantomime in 2 acts by members of the 28th Division. Programme: Cole’s Kop Coliseum 1918. Photos: Robert Kelly, HATF, Wenyon. 8. Typewritten notes on the summer of 1918: Buxton’s posting to 28 General Hospital, the end of the war and Buxton’s return to England. Photos: Doiran after the armistice, cars by the lake – Gauntlett is there a camp? 30 CCS, Grande Couronne – stormed in the final assault. Salonika fire in 1917. The Greek army in training, working party to establish hospitals for the Greek troops in the north of Macedonia, up the Monastir Road. File: Macedonian Memories (Buxton has added the following note: ‘Written in 1964 but never published’). File: Newspaper cuttings 1915, 1916 and 1918.
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